Peat briquettes

Peat briquettes are an ecologically clean type of fuel, very environmentally friendly, without artificial chemical additives as only natural fuel. This material is made of peat, which is crushed and dried under high pressure in the process of modern technology. This product is perfect for burning in all kinds of stoves, practically all types of boilers, as well as in fireplaces, because it does not create black soot that will contaminate the combustion chamber. Peat briquette ignites very well, smoldering for a long time ensures a constant heating temperature, it is also characterized by a long burning time compared to other heating fuels, thanks to which heating the house with it becomes extremely comfortable.

Advantages: The heat of combustion of peat briquettes is three times higher than that of firewood. Burning with briquettes does not cause corrosion of boilers and soot deposition in furnaces and chimney ducts. Delicate combustion process, with no specific shooting, and flashing.

Raw materials



16 x 8 x 4 \18 x 8 x 4

Calorific value

16000-11000 kJ/kg

Moisture content


Ash content



10 kg packs of 12 briquettes,
96 packs on pallet,
big bags 1000 kg, pallet 960 kg /1000 kg

Scope of aplication

Every type of solid fuel heating appliance